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See and record your GPS location
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Multiplans is a map application for iPhone/iPad that works offline. Any map you own can be used in Multiplans. Have the best maps for your activity always at hand in your phone: topographic maps, road/city maps, maritime or aerial maps, etc., all empowered with GPS positioning and Multiplans' powerful and easy-to-use features.
 Version 3.05 available! (November 2019)   See the list of changes.

Thanks for a great program, been looking for something like this for a long time! Oliver
I have been using Multiplans with scanned Jeppesen VFR and IFR maps for more than 100 flight hours. Raoul
I used my work A0 scanner to scan in all of my local OS maps which works absolutely brilliantly - no waiting for maps to load, no reliance on a data connection. markswsf
Amazing technical support! Richard
Cette app est bien faite et bien adaptée aux besoins d'un randonneur, et aussi très utile en voyage à l'étranger. Vive l'absence de fourches caudines! Jean-Louis

Key features of Multiplans

Multiplans is open, powerful, and simple to use. It contains high-profile features such as support for virtually all cartographic projection systems, fast display of very large maps (>10 Gb), compatibility with NMEA 0183, and more. It is not limited to the Spherical Mercator projection, contrary to many other map apps.
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(*) Maps over 1Gb need to be processed by the (free) app TmapCreator (Mac), or be split into tiles (Windows, Linux) before importation in Multiplans.
(**) Requires a Mac compatible with AirDrop. Other easy methods for transferring maps, compatible with Windows and Linux computers, are supported.

LEGAL: Multiplans' features should not be depended upon in situations where inaccuracies or errors could cause danger, commercial loss or any other problem. Though we did our best to make Multiplans an excellent app, it is provided as is with no warranty