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Zip archive format

This format is useful only to prepare very large maps on Windows/Linux computer, where TmapCreator cannot be used . It may be also useful to associate a calibration file with the map being imported provided it's not a tmap. tmap files are excluded from zip archive because they are already tiled and they can contain furthermore the calibration information within the file.

The zip archive must contain the map image in a single file (standard graphics format but not tmap), or split into tiles of size 256 x 256 pixels for instance, and (optionally) a calibration file. The calibration file can be a ref.txt file or an OziExplorer .map file.

Information on how to split a map image into tiles
Tile-naming convention: "tile_i_j.jpg" or as in an OSZ archive. The archive can contain at most 65'500 tiles. To split the map, use for instance Zoomify Express (Win), Photoshop or imagemagick.
More help for slicing a map in tiles