Multiplans - use the best maps into your iPhone or iPod Touch english français

List of changes

17 December 2019: version 3.06

24 November 2019: version 3.05

17 March 2016: version 3.0

8 July 2015: version 2.93

14 March 2015: version 2.89

22 February 2015: version 2.88

24 October 2014: version 2.83

21 april 2014: version 2.7 (requires iOS 7)

25 april 2013: version 2.1 (last version compatible with iOS < 7)

If your device is not compatible with the latest version of Muliplans, the AppStore should propose you to download the last compatible version. If you are attempting to download the app for the first time, the App Store will however not offer the download of an older version. Luckily, there is an easy workaround: the solution is to purchase/download the app from the iTunes Store on a Mac or PC using the same Apple ID you are using on your iOS device. The app will then be associated with your account and you should then be offered an older version if you attempt to download the app again on the iOS device. Do not try to install the copy downloaded in iTunes, as it is the newer, incompatible version. That step is only necessary to attain ownership of the app. You will need to access the App Store on your iOS device to be offered a compatible version.

[Same in French:] Une condition pour que l’appstore propose le téléchargement de la dernière version compatible avec un appareil est d'avoir déjà acheté cette application dans le passé. Comme expliqué en anglais ci-dessus, ce problème peut être contourné de manière assez simple: il faut télécharger l’application, dans sa version la plus récente, depuis un Mac ou un PC en utilisant le même identifiant Apple que celui sur iPhone. Après avoir procédé à l’achat de l’application sur l’ordinateur, ouvrir l’application “Appstore” sur l’iPhone (sans essayer de transférer l’application téléchargée sur l’ordinateur car c'est la version la plus récente qui est incompatible). L’option de télécharger la dernière version compatible est maintenant proposée lorsqu’on essaie de télécharger l’application depuis l'Appstore sur l'iPhone.

9 april 2013: version 2.01

April 1st 2013: version 2.0

Other minor bug fixes and improvements: Notes:

November 1st 2012: version 1.52

July 6th 2012: version 1.51

New features: Bug fixes:

May 21st 2012: version 1.5

  1. Easier importation and calibration of maps:
  2. Symbol for points of interest can be chosen: cross or circle
  3. New Settings screen (accessible from within Multiplans)
  4. Closing the "About" screen now works again (bug revealed with iOS 5)
  5. Fixed a bug that could cause Multiplans to crash, in some rare circumstances, when scrolling the map
Screenshot of some new screens available in v.1.5:

Feb 13, 2012: version 1.42

Small improvements:
  1. New preference for choosing the color of recorded tracks
  2. Added nautical units (nautical miles and knots)
  3. More robust conversion of .map calibration files

22/12/2011: version 1.41

Bug fixes:
  1. A bug introduced in version 1.40 (app crashes when closing a map in some circumstances) has been corrected.
  2. keyword resolution in ref.txt file now works as expected
  3. corrected a problem related to line endings "CR+LF" in ref.txt files.

23/3/2011: version 1.40

  1. Easier calibration of maps:
    • .map calibration files (created by OziExplorer) are recognized by Multiplans.
    • Calibration points: maps can be calibrated by entering in file ref.txt 2 (ou 4) calibration points.
    • Bilinear interpolation: if the map's cartographic projection is unknown, Multiplans can interpolate the geographical coordinates using up to 4 calibration points.
    • For more explanations, see here
  2. The info bar can now display, in addition to speed and altitude, the geographical coordinates of the current position (in various formats).
  3. GPS localization can be switched off easily to save battery life.

23/3/2011: version 1.32

  1. Magnetic compass: the current heading is shown on the map by an arrow. Alternatively, the map can be rotated automatically to be always aligned with the ground features.
  2. New toolbar with high-res icons.
  3. New settings for fine-tuning Multiplans, including changing the size and color of the crosshair cursor. Crosshair cursor keeps its screen size when map is zoomed out.
  4. Maps can be imported using USB via iTunes file sharing, in addition to the web (wifi) gateway.
  5. Corrected a bug in the automatic tiling of maps that occurred in only low memory situations. Other small bug corrections and improvements.
  6. The calibration of a map can be done by providing the geographical coordinates of the center of the map (instead of those of the top-left corner).

17/2/2011: version 1.28

  1. Fixed a crash when viewing the list of points of interest
  2. Upload map screen now displays the gateway address very quickly.

11/1/2011: version 1.27

11/10/2010: version 1.23

  1. New screen for managing tracks. Multiplans can now record multiple GPX tracks, and also import GPX tracks.
  2. Maps do not need anymore to be to split into tiles before importing into Multiplans. Large map images (jpg,png,tiff,bmp) will be split into tiles automatically by Multiplans.
  3. High-res application icon (for iPhone 4)
  4. Corrected a problem with the date format in gpx tracks
  5. Small bug fixes

Version 1.09

  1. The recorded track is now displayed on the map.
  2. Multiplans re-opens, upon start-up, the last shown map.
  3. Runs full screen on the iPad (universal binary app)
  4. The proximity sensor can be used to switch off the screen automatically
  5. Small bug fixes

Version 1.05

  1. Map now scrolls to keep current position at the center of screen
  2. Screen can now also be locked when no GPS track is being recorded
  3. Simplified importation of maps in spherical Mercator projection.
  4. Compatibility with tiles generated by "Zoomify Converter"
    This makes importing maps easier, see new instructions !
  5. Improved localization and corrected minor bugs

February 5th 2010: Version 1.04

First public version !