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Creating maps with Atlas Mobile Creator

Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) is a convenient app to download and create maps for Multiplans.

Step-by-step example:
  1. Launch Mobile Atlas Creator. In the window that appears, name the new atlas, and select format AFTrack (OSZ).
  2. MOBAC main window appears, displaying a world map. Move to the geographical area of ​​interest. You can change the zoom level by using the slider at the top left of the map. To scroll the map, use the arrow keys (or right-click and drag).
  3. Choose a source of maps (see ).
  4. Draw a red rectange on the map to delimitate the area to download.
  5. Choose one or more zoom level(s) to download (see ).
    The chosen zoom levels must be contiguous.
  6. Add the map into the atlas by clicking on button "Add selection" (see ).
  7. Click on button "Create atlas" (see ).
  8. Once the download is complete, click on "Open folder atlas." to reveal the map fil (in format OSZ). Transfer this file in Multiplans to use it!