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A selection of maps ready to be imported in Multiplans. (Last update: 2/2015)

Links to some good online map sources are also mentioned.
Warning: Most maps are protected by copyright. Before using a map with Multiplans, make sure you have the right to do so.

Large-scale maps

Map Quick look Source

(60 Mb)
ShadedRelief world map

(57 Mb)
Blue Marble (NASA)

(81 Mb)
IGN SCAN 1000 (2014)
Scale: 1:1mio
100 m/pixel

(36 Mb)
Swiss Federal Office of Topography
opendata.admin.ch (2014)
[Swiss map raster 1000]
Scale: 1:1mio
100 m/pixel

Great Britain
(28 Mb)
Contains Ordnance Survey Data
©Crown copyright and database right 2011
Zoom level: 10
France - physical
(28 Mb)
111 m/pixel
This map needs to be re-calibrated.
United States
(6 Mb)
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Topographic maps

Detailed topographic maps of many countries can be viewed online, see page Topo maps .

If no export nor buy option is proposed by the map web site, it is often possible to take a screenshot.
⚠ Before doing this, check first if the licence allows it! It can be a good idea to buy first the corresponding paper map.

How to simulate a large screen

Instead of assembling several small images (from your scanned paper map sheets or from another source), it may be more convenient to use a map site and to simulate having a large monitor. A single screenshot can then capture an area much larger than your physical screen.
  1. Open your favorite map site in Firefox.
  2. Select "Responsive Design View" from the Web Developer menu.
    This menu is in the Tools menu (on OS X) or in the Firefox menu (on other systems). In French, it is called "Vue adaptative".
  3. Select a screen size. You can type in directly the specific size you want:
  4. Check that you are allowed to take a screenshot. If yes, click on the camera button to save your large image.
Important remark: when using this trick, be sure to respect the end user license and copyright of the map.
Do not abuse by selecting too large a size. As a reference, the latest iMac screen size is 5120 x 2880 pixels.

Map name Quick look Source
Tchernobyl region: Pripiat
(7 Mb)
A soviet topographic map of Tchernobyl region.

A user went there to take pictures, using this map in Multiplans for orientation.

(3 Gb)

Detailed soviet topographic maps, with added shaded relief, covering almost the whole of Romania.
Scale 1:50k

Work by F. Ballenegger. Contact us for details about obtaining this map.
New Zealand
New Zealand's topo maps can be used freely.
A user has imported in Multiplans the whole country at scale 1:50k.
LINZ maps

(3.34 Gb)
South of Spain.
Scale: 1:50k

Contributed by a user.
Contact us for more information.

Topo maps

Good topo maps by national geographic institutes.

City maps and road maps

OpenStreetMap provides free good-quality city and road maps for almost any region in the world.

Maps from OpenStreetMap (and other sites) can be downloaded easily with Mobile Atlas Creator.

    Step-by-step instructions to make a map with Mobile Atlas Creator.

Aeronautical and marine charts

Map Quick look Source
ONC charts

US Operational Navigation Charts have been released from copyright.

See this forum post in Multiplans' technical support on how to calibrate these maps.
IGN aeronautical chart

4 IGN maps stitched together (with Cartographica).
To make such a map:
  • The IGN maps can be obtained from the IGN store as downloadable *.ecw files
  • The *.ecw files are converted to *.tif (e.g. using GraphicConverter)
  • The *.tif is imported to Multiplans (using TmapCreator) and then calibrated using: +proj=lcc +k_0=1 +lat_0=46.8 +lon_0=3 +lat_1=45.9 +lat_2=47.7 +x_0=0 +y_0=0 +datum=WGS84 +units=m +no_defs as projection.
Jeppesen aviation maps
(500 Mb each)
Contributed by a pilot:
"I assembled two very large aviation maps. One covers all the alpine parts of Europe and the other one the northern part of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea. These are based on Jeppesen maps from 2013 which are no longer produced. They are a delight to use with Multiplans. Calibration is not that good but good enough for getting a quick idea of the location and to center the map."
Jepensen VFR chart

This map uses a lambert conformal conic projection with standard parallels at N40° and N52°.
Scan of a paper Jeppesen map sheet.
For copyright reasons, only the calibration file is provided.
CartaBossy France 2011
For copyright reasons, only the calibration file is provided.
US marine charts

The maps, which are in KAP format, can be converted automatically into the osz format by using the app MAPC2MAPCNET.
Marine charts for US waters can be downloaded freely from the NOAA repository.


Many good maps can be found on the internet. The following sites contain interesting maps:
Map name Quick look Source
Subway of Paris
(1.4 Mb)
The Moon
(500 Mb)
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft (2009).
Image size: 24 000 x 24 000 pixels
Scale: 0.5 m per pixel
View this map online