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Steps to install a beta version of Multiplans

Prerequisite: files "Multiplans.ipa" and "adhoc.mobileprovision".
  1. Make sure to have the sidebar visible in iTunes (menu Presentation -> Show side bar)
  2. Drop the IPA and mobileprovision files onto the library section in iTunes (not on in the 'Devices' section)
  3. Select your iPad in the devices section and go to tab 'Apps'. Find Multiplans in the list of apps and click on button 'update' next to it. The button transforms into 'will be updated'.
  4. Click on button 'Apply'. Multiplans will be transferred and installed on your device.

Note: the validity of a "mobileprovision" certificate is one year (as per Apple rules). After one year, you need either to install the App Store version of Multiplans or to renew the certificate.